A simple way to change

oil filters

which will save you
time and mess

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Oil Filter Tool - A simple way to change oil filters
which will save you time and mess

It doesn’t have to be
like this!

Use the Oil Filter Tool and stay clean!

Key features

  • Provides filter element change in half the time of the conventional method.
  • Eliminates skin contact with potentially harmful liquids.
  • Design provides easy access to low level filter housing installations.
  • Comfortable ergonomic grip permits easy removal and re-securing.
  • Containment of Oil Filter Tool in excess of total capacity of filter bowl and cap.
  • Remains in position whilst re-establishing the fuel supply after servicing.
  • Manufactured from high quality, shatterproof virgin polypropylene.
  • Insert moulded plated socket for strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Easy wipe clean inner and outer surfaces.
  • For use with fuel oil filters for agricultural, domestic and industrial engines and boilers.
  • For use with diesel fuel, kerosene and gas oil classifications A2, C1, C2 and D as defined by BS2869.Check with the manufacturer before use with any other liquids.

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Good tool! Not worried about changing oil filters inside houses any more!

Phil H.

I've hated servicing filters. I wish I had this tool years ago.

Paul R.

Very useful tool, saved me a lot of time. Easy to use. It's great!

Nick J.